Nexus 7 May Become the New Rival for Surface Tablets

July 23, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

When Microsoft announced that Windows 8 will come out in October 26 and that Surface tablets will be launched soon after, we were a bit amazed. Is Microsoft hurrying up with the launches?

Market observers think that there is enough reason for Microsoft to hurry up, as the company has found a new threat in the brand new Android tablet from Google – the Nexus 7.

Google launched the 7-incher for $199 mainly to steal the market from Kindle Fire and has shown exceptional initial sales in the low-end of the tablet market. Excessive orders even forced Google to stop taking new orders.

Experts suggest that this shows that Nexus 7 is going to be a major player in the tablet space and a new rival to the Surface tablets. In short, Microsoft should hurry up or the Nexus 7 may eat up a sizable amount of the market.

However, some experts think that Surface tablet targets another segment of the market and will not be affected by Nexus 7’s performance.

The attractiveness of the new platform, the extra productivity of the keyboard and the powerful ivy Bridge processors, make Surface another breed of a beast, they say.

It is also debated that the Nexus 7 performance is something similar to the massive initial sales of Kindle Fire which later slowed down.

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