iPhone 5 Needs Bigger Display, Efficient Battery to Beat Galaxy S III

July 23, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Even Apple has indirectly agreed that it fears Galaxy S III when the company tried to get a ban by dragging it to the ongoing patent war with Samsung.

The sales figures substantiate such a fear. So there is enough reason to expect that the upcoming iPhone will be armed to teeth to outsmart the cute Android phone.

A major battle front will be the display size, since the 4.8-inch display of Galaxy S III has many sheep from Apple stable jumping the fences. Rumors from the upstream Apple supply chain already suggest that the iPhone 5 will sport a 4-inch (Retina?) display.

Though that is way too smaller than the Galaxy S III, the change in display size raises other issues. Remember what happened with iPad 3 when it came out with a high resolution Retina Display? Apple had to beef up the battery power to meet the power eating display, even by sacrificing the thinness of the device.

The case with iPhone 5 will be worst, since it is reported to have 4G radios inside, which are again notorious for their hunger for the juice in the battery. Moreover, a powerful processor chip is also expected, which again makes the power front in trouble.

The present Li-ion batteries used in smartphones often fail when it comes to thermal sensitivity and energy density. In other words, they get burning hot when you charge them or use the device for hours and drain out faster.

Now that the S III has addressed the issue to some extent, the ball’s in Apple’s court. If it beefs up the battery size, the device will take ages to charge up to the full level. We hope Apple will take heed of these things before bringing out the next gen iPhone.

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