Asus P8Z77V Motherboard Spotted With UASP; Gives the Feel of Windows 8 Machines

July 23, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

What if we get a chance to experience things meant for the future today? Won’t that be interesting?

Windows 8 is still three months away with an October 26 launch, and certain unique hardware features entitled to Windows 8 machines have been spotted in an Asus motherboard, which gives us a chance to have a look into the future.

We are talking about the new USB attached SCSI Protocol which is expected to outperform the already popular USB 3.0 technology of data transfer.

USB 3.0 is satisfactory in its present performance. But when the gadget world gets a better performing option, it has to stick to the new comer, that is the unwritten rule.

The drawback with the USB 3.0 technology is its limitation of supporting the old bulk-only transport protocol. Though it is faster and efficient compared to its predecessors including the USB 2.0 technology, it is not, as fast as UASP.

UASP is the pet name of USB attached SCSI Protocol, which is a modern technology that supports the SCSI command. As a result, UASP can reduce latency in data transfers and enable queue functions, beefing up the performance of compatible drives.

Windows 8 had talked about this new technology and promised better performance. However, the functionality was accidentally spotted on Asus’s P8Z77V motherboard.

The guys who spotted it have tried their hands to get the feel of how things will be running in the future. They found that Turbo and UASP modes will not put you down, but beef up the efficiency.

For now, spend some time with USB 3.0 , since it soon will depart from the scene.

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