Retina Display Equipped iPad 3 Hits China Finally; Sans Much Noise

July 20, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Apple iPhone and iPad launches in China have always grabbed international attention for the long queues in front of the Apple shops and violent incidents in the run for getting the device.

However, the much hyped Retina Display equipped iPad has surfaced in Chinese shores earlier today without much ado.

Shoppers and the media were surprised to find comparatively smaller queues which counted only up to 20 people in front of Apple stores to get their hands on the latest iPad. The absence of chaos is considered as the success of the new pre-sale reservation method implanted for smooth sales.

The pre-reservation system also made it sure that scalpers who have put the Apple stores in knee-deep trouble during the iPhone launch in the past with their high-volume purchases which left the shops out of stock.

Indeed, the delayed launch of the device also caused it to lose the media attention and hype that usually follows an Apple product launch.

Though the Cupertino based company was able to get the technical certification from the national regulatory authorities by the end of May, a law suit kept it at bay from selling the device in mainland China.

An almost dead manufacturing firm Proview which is based in China and owned the iPad name has sued Apple for buying the name through unfair means. The company alleged that Apple has acquired the name through a shell company IPADL for a meager amount of $55000 hiding the identity of the original buyer to bring down the amount.

Though Apple retorted the Proview’s claim as an attempt of extortion, they have agreed to pay $60 million to the company to settle the case.

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