Fire Shadow, a New Low-Cost Death Bird, Goes to British Military

July 20, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Missiles are always known for their ability to strike distant targets. However, most of the missiles are so destructive that they annihilate the target and cause more collateral damage.

A new simple missile for which the British military has already set a deal is a real fatal weapon with its precision to hit targets but causing minimal collateral damage.

Dubbed Fire Shadow, an apt name for something which can just hover over the sky for about 6 hours and then suddenly drop on any static or moving target at a vertical angle to destroy it at once, the missile is simple in its action and making.

The missile, which is more effective to hit targets like moving vehicles or unfortified or non-armored static targets, can reach out to a 100 kilometer range.

As per the claims of missile system makers MBDA, who have developed this low-cost missile, it can be launched and controlled by a single operator from the ground to hit both terrestrial targets and those in the sea.

The unmanned aerial weapon which weighs 440 pound (200kilogram) can be used in any type of terrain and is especially effective if used in conflicts taking place at complex urban areas since conventional missiles will cause large collateral damages here.

The missile was first tested in Vidsel, Sweden in 2010 and a second successful test was carried out on May 13, 2011 also.

According to the manufacturers, the first units went out of production in March this year and the 39th Regiment Royal Artillery of British military has decided to use it in conflicts.

Now watch Fire Shadow in action after the break.

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