YouTube Adds Blur Face Feature to Videos Uploaded, Offers More Anonymity

July 19, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Now, with a new face blurring feature, the gates of freedom are now more open in the YouTube space.

The world’s most popular video sharing site has added the face blurring feature that can be applied to the uploaded videos, thus making sure that users can keep the anonymity of the people who appear in the videos they upload and share through the site.

The new feature will help users who want to keep their faces away from public view, be it on footage of protest rallies or to keep the face of the kids blurred in a home video.

The new face blurring features is available with YouTube’s Video Enhancement tool if you click on the Additional features. Here users can decide to blur all the faces in the videos if they want. The feature also allows users to delete the original video after blurring the faces.

However, the feature which is primitive currently offers fewer options to users. You cannot blur the faces selectively – it is all or none type. Moreover, the feature may fail to detect all the faces in the video thus blurring only some faces.

It is also possible that if the video is already bit focus out, the whole thing may get blurred. But you can try applying the effect and preview it and then decide whether to keep that video public or private.

The service uses usual face recognition technique that search for the presence of eye to detect a face and then add pixels and noise in the area to blur the face.

According to Google, it is really difficult to unblur a blurred video on YouTube, if not impossible. The move is expected to help citizen journalists and similar activists.

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