Original iPad Prototype Way Too Bigger and Fatter than Present iPads

July 19, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

A look into the past will surely amaze you, especially now when technology is fast paced and brings changes to life every minute.

The fact hits us hard when we happen to come across the image of the very first tablet prototype developed by Apple when it was mulling over making the original iPad. We are more than shocked to see its size.

The actual iPad prototype, when it was first put together by the company was a fatter machine which many iPad lovers of present generation will not even dare to look at.

Though prototypes tend to have no clear resemblance with the actual hardware which reaches the market as they are meant to test how well the software part runs, things would have been really horrible if Apple has brought out the prototype just as it was. It was a possibility since the race for thinner tablets was something unheard in those times.

The original prototype which was then known as 035 iPad had all the Apple insignia on it. It shared the unique white body and the basic look and feel of all the future iPads, though it looked more like a MacBook than an iPad at that time.

It was a real mammoth considering its almost one inch thickness. The footprint of the 035 iPad was very larger compared to the smaller one of the latest iPad in the market.

Considering the difference, we should thank Apple for trimming down the size and thickness of the prototype when they rolled it out in the market.

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