Sony PS3 Slimmer Version Spotted in Leaked Pictures

July 17, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

An aura of secrecy always surrounds Sony’s gaming initiatives. The gaming community will have to wait eagerly till the company officially comes out with the specs of the new device. However, occasional leaks give us a glimpse of the new developments. We have one here.

Though the claim is not verified, rumor mills are circulating pictures of a slimmer version of Sony’s Play Station 3 gaming console now. Certain sources who claimed to have got a set of pictures of the brand new gaming console to be brought out by Sony, suggest that the new product is slimmer than the existing one.

They also claim that the device will be bringing in Bluetooth and Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g connectivity options. Related rumors also suggest that the slimmer version of the Play Station 3 will have up to 500 GB of storage space with some models.

However, it could be confusing to gamers who have been waiting to see the fourth generation Play Station from Sony.

Though it was indicated by recent rumors that Sony has been working on the PS4 project since 2010, it seems that the company is not yet ready to roll it out.

Probably, the sleeker PS3 variant may come out prior to the release of the PS4.

However, it is interesting to see that the gaming console world is yet to get into the pace of smartphone or tablet world where a new device comes out in every month. But it looks like Sony is in no haste to come out with a PS4 but will pacify the gamers with a sleeker PS3 for now.

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