Apple to Give Email Addresses to iCloud Users in iOS 6

July 17, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

We have seen a lot of changes in Apple’s online services since they were first introduced in 2000. From the original ‘iTools’ to the ‘.mac’ service and the latest jump to ‘’ for MobileMe.

Now, hints from Apple suggest that users may soon get a email address as the new key to iCloud services.

Though Apple has started using the new domain, users were still using their old accounts to sign in to access the services. Now, that will be changed with Apple allowing users to make use of the domain for their accounts.

The tip off came from the changelogs for the iOS 6 beta 3 release meant for developers. It was found that a section states that the Cupertino company is enabling the use of domain name for its users.

The section mentions that users who want to enable Mail on their iCloud account will receive a email address unlike the present email address. This section of the changelog also states that the existing users will also get a email address which will be similar to their present address.

However, it is mentioned that users with a present addresses will get a address only when they use their account once on iOS 6 beta 3. So it is not clear if the domain change in the email address will ever come to users  who don’t have access to iOS 6.

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