Amazon Kindle Phone Can Fight the Phone War with Added Features

July 17, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

The buzz is getting louder and no day passes without us hearing something about the imminent launch of the Kindle Phone by Amazon.

As soon as the news came out, the tech world started speculating about the features that the phone might include. We believe that Amazon needs to impress its consumers with an unprecedented line-up of new features so that they are forced to leave the iPhone and Sammy camp.

Here are a few ideas that could put the Kindle Phone on top. By adding these features, Amazon could see most of us queuing up for the phone on its launch date.

We think that Amazon should include a dual GSM/CDMA radio into the phone, unlock it, sell it directly from, and let consumers choose their own carrier terms. No contract restriction here. Unlock and subsidize like no one has ever done before.

One feature that will set the phone apart is its display. It must have a display that will rival the Retina display, if not better it.

The display industry is realizing efficiencies of scale in the ultra-high-resolution space, and prices should be low enough once the phone starts to ship. So therefore, we don’t expect Amazon to put anything short of a killer e-book display.

Currently, Amazon offers on Kindle e-reader price reductions of up to $50 for consumers who opt into lock-screen ads. But for the Kindle Phone, customers are not looking for hardware subsidies but data subsidies. So those who opt for such service must get discounts in date plans.

For sure, phone owners must be given prime service free. Already, Amazon provides one free month of Prime service for Kindle Fire customers, but for Kindle Phone buyers, the deal should be extended further for three months, or even a $40 annual membership.

Amazon could be the first company that finally pushes NFC into the mainstream. Amazon already has our credit card information, so why not use the phone to make purchases at all NFC-enabled retailers?

Various paid apps provide the Kindle Fire with “Find My iPhone”-type features, but Amazon needs to make this function free, and part of the OS.

Amazon already has the 3D mapping experience thanks to its recent acquisition. Now it needs to partner with a turn-by-turn mapping service like Apple did with Tom Tom.

Have we forgotten any key features? We would like to hear your suggestions.

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