Motorola Xoom WiFi to Get Jellybean Soon; Android Update Now Comes Faster

July 16, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

It took a whole year for Ice Cream Sandwich to trespass into the Xoom hardware.

Being the most technologically advanced company, Google has now decided that it will take things to the next level at a quicker pace.

This is evident from the email received by almost all Xoom users that instructs them to install the latest Jellybean update for their Xoom tablets.

Although the email did reach most of the users, some who got it were disappointed because of the reason that the update was for the tablet’s Wi-Fi version only.

The 3G and other models are still in the lineup as their updates are only in the making. Google has announced at its I/O conference that they will be rolling out Jellybean for Motorola Xoom.

But nobody expected the update to launch this soon. The email talked about the update and for the time being, it didn’t mention the update to be that of the Jellybean. But it’s a no-brainer that the update is indeed the latest Android Jellybean.

There were indeed many negative comments regarding the ICS version and many users have quoted that the Gingerbread was far better than ICS.

Google has kept a watch on these comments and they have announced that they have tried their level best to rectify all the errors in their Jellybean.

With new updates on their way, Android devices are getting better and better every season.

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