HTC One X Variant Clocks 1.7 GHz in Benchmark Tests

July 13, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

The hunger for power devices never dies down among smartphone folks. So the handset makers add power to the processor chips and GPUs on their rigs upgrade by upgrade.

It has come to our attention that HTC has a secret up its sleeve since an unknown device has popped up in some benchmark test results.

Rumors were rife about an HTC device with no official confirmation on its existence so far. However, now benchmark test results have given a peek into the features of the product.

Though the exact name and pictures are not available as of now, the rig which is now known by the code name PM63100 is rumored to have a somewhat familiar name Evitareul.

Doesn’t that sound like a modified version of Evita, which is the LTE version of the HTC One X?

As per the benchmark results available now, the rig has defeated both the North American version as well as an international version of HTC One X when tested on GLBenchmark. The North American version of the phone runs on a Snapdragon S4 chip while the other known rival in the test had a Tegra 3 SoCs.

The clock speed of the chip on the new rig is shown as 1.7 GHz which means it may have an overclocked S4 chip or a new, better device.

The AT&T release keys found with the device hints a possible launch in North America and Canada. It now packs ICS but when it comes out, we hope it will have the Jelly Bean treat inside.

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