Facebook Adds New Feature to Highlight Marriages

July 13, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

It is easy to miss some things in the flood of news feeds on Facebook. But certain things may have big importance in a friend’s life. We are talking about marriages.

Marriages are made in heaven but celebrated on earth. A part of that celebration takes place on Facebook these days, so we cannot afford to miss the notification of someone getting engaged or married to a life partner in the flood of other news feeds.

Understanding this, Facebook has decided to add a new feature called Marriages and Celebrations. The new feature is somewhat similar to the birthdays feature which notifies you on a friend’s birthday on the top right hand corner of the Facebook page.

Now Facebook will also put notifications there if anybody in your friends list changes his or her marital status to married or engaged.

The change comes as Facebook acknowledges its importance as a place where people congratulate each other and share joy on special occasions like wedding or engagements. The addition of the new feature is part of a major overhaul to the Events page of Facebook.

With the changed design, the events space on Facebook shows a new Calendar List views to the user. The Calendar list view offers users to see the upcoming birthdays, parties and RSVPs many months in advance.

The new feature is a major change on Facebook when it comes to marriages. Earlier, Facebook had changed its wedding icons to include same-sex marriages.

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