Android Improves Market Share, Apple Tops Manufacturers’ List

July 13, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Android has improved its share in the smartphone market during the second quarter of this year, shows a new report issued by Neilson about the smartphone market in the US.

However, Apple still dominates the manufacturer share. The trend, according to the report, was not in favor of Windows Phone and Blackberry platforms.

According to Nielsen’s latest market analysis of the smartphone market in the US at the end of the second quarter of this year, Android now has 52 percent of the market share.

The report shows that at least 51.8 percent of the smartphone users are running some version of Android platform on their devices, while Apple commands just 34.3 percent here.

The trend with the smartphone purchases in the last three months also shows Android doing better than other platforms with 54.6 percent of the users opting Android platform. Apple commands 36.3 percent share here.

Though more customers are using Android phones, Apple still a tops manufacturer share, since the Android presence is divided between different manufacturers in the Android camp. Apple enjoys an unrivaled 34 percent share here while Samsung is far behind at 17 percent.

However, reports show that Windows Phone platform, BlackBerry and Palm OS have suffered major setbacks in both smartphone market share as well as manufacturers share during the period.

While Blackberry had an 8.1 percent market share during Q2, three months acquirers’ trend has brought it down to 4 percent. Windows Phone and Windows Mobile devices were able to make just 4.3 percent together.

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