USB Stick Made by Ex-HP Employees Fixes All Your PC Troubles

July 12, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

It’s been a very pleasant year so far. The E3 and other expos went great. Tech players are coming up with ingenious innovations and the latest news tells us about an upcoming USB stick that could mitigate all your worries about your PC.

The new pen drive has been designed by two former employees of Hewlett Packard and they have named it Jumpshot.

It’s a kind of boot-disk that loads Linux into the troublemaker PC, scans it, connects to the web by a private interface and then allows the online service available to solve all the troubles on the machine.

Basically, with this USB stick, all the tech support you need will be in your hands. Founded by David Endler and Pedram Amini, two former security research managers in HP’s TippingPoint division, this company is now looking for funds to kickstart the project.

Their target was $25,000 and in just two days, they amassed $11,000. If you want to donate, the amount is just $35 and the benefits you are provided with will be much more worthy.

For donors, the company will mail them the 8GB USB stick and the online Jumpshot services will be available for free. It surely sounds like a win-win.

The initial inspiration was the frustration the founders had to experience by constant pestering by neighbors and relatives for fixing their machines.

Whatever the case may be, this product really does its purpose and can be classified as a definite necessity for all PC users. Life gets so much easier with the Jumpshot.

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