New Phones on Old Android Versions Could be a Thing of the Past

July 12, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

With the Android 4.1 Jelly Bean coming out, critics who have been eloquent about the fragmentation issue on the Android devices now have one more reason to chatter.

Android often brings out new versions of its platform in such a way that Original Equipment Manufacturers are not able to keep up pace with it.

So a new Android phone can be found running on an old version of the platform even after the launch of a new version.

Often, this is due to the delay in Google releasing the source code of the new platform to the OEMs.

The issue gets worse when it comes to bringing the update to the existing devices. Often the networks and OEMs fail to work together bringing the updates to the existing devices faster.

However, things could soon change. In its keynote address in the recently concluded I/O event, Google said that it will start releasing the PDK for chipset makers and smartphone makers so that they can easily get early access to unfinished versions of Android before it goes public.

The move will help phone makers know about the progress of a new platform update and start working and keep the launch dates in such a way that the new phone will be released on new platform.

However, the updating process of the existing devices will still depend on the pro-active approach from the networks. Hope we will get some solution in the near future.

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