Surface Tablet Just a Design Point, Says Microsoft CEO

July 11, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

All hell broke loose among Microsoft’s hardware manufacturing partners when the software developer giant rolled out its hardware adventure in tablet space.

Major PC makers who had signed a deal with Microsoft to make hardware for Windows 8 panicked, finding the software friend turning out to be a strong rival.

The anguish was boundless that many alleged that Microsoft has used the information it accessed as part of the mutual discussions with the partners and even peeked at their device designs before making Surface tablets.


Microsoft had not said anything officially about its stance. Now, the company CEO Steve Ballmer has broken the silence.

Addressing a gathering at the Worldwide Partner Conference for Microsoft, he said that there was no need for PC makers to panic.

Downplaying the innovative tablet with a physical keyboard, Ballmer said that Surface is just a design point and has a distinct identity on Windows ecosystem.

Stressing on the mutual goals set by the hardware partners and his company, Ballmer reiterated that the importance of the hardware partners never diminish with the birth of Surface.

The hardware partners will help the company make “stunning Windows devices”, he said.

Indirectly denying the rumors that Microsoft went for Surface in the absence of compelling device designs from partners, he also said that Microsoft was excited about the work done by its OEM partners on upcoming Windows 8 tablets.

Nice words, but are they enough to pacify your partners?

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