NYC Generation Tech Aims to Find High School Techies and Entrepreneurs

July 11, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Amid all the gloomy news about lagging economy and raising job losses, tech industry is booming.

Some even consider the industry to sustain the higher growth in the future too. This is the reason why some educators are asking the kids to take the tech road.

In an attempt to give new York city’s high school students a chance to have some hands on lessons in the growing technologies and to pair with mentors from the big industry, the  New York City’s Economic Development Corp and the Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship has announced the launch of an initiative called NYC Generation Tech.

The initiative focuses on students who are interested to create tech-based innovation with their boundless imagination and inborn talents.

The program is free and needs only an application. However, it is more focusing on students who are not enrolled in elite schools.

According to the organizers, the program will focus more on rapidly growing areas like mobile technology, design and app development.

The program will also help the students understand the start-up requirements and methodologies, giving them a good dose of ‘how to be an entrepreneur’.

NYC Generation Tech specifically aims at increasing student’s interest and activity in the business, entrepreneurship and technology sectors in a way that it will boost technology entrepreneurship among high school students.

The initiative also aims to bond students with the live networks of NYC tech entrepreneurs, start-ups, universities, tech companies, and venture capitalists thus strengthening the city’s entrepreneurial culture.

This part time schooling initiative will kick off in August.

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