The Great Firewall of China Will Collapse, Predicts Google Top Boss

July 10, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Google chairman Eric Schmidt, who stepped down as Google CEO last year, has attacked the Chinese government for its cyber censorship and cyber espionage attempts.

In a recent interview, Schmidt, who is regarded as the ‘Google’s Ambassador to the World’, said that the Great Firewall of China and the excessive censorship practiced by the government will eventually fail which will leverage technology and information penetration to the country. Such a change, according to Schmidt, will bring a political opening to the present Chinese system.

Google and China have been at logger heads since 2010 when the search giant refused to comply with the government directions to censor search terms. Later, the cyber espionage team of the Chinese government reportedly deployed a series of attacks on Gmail accounts of Chinese human rights activists.

According to Schmidt, Chinese government is doing many things to make it harder for Google in China, like making the the services run slowly at times and the censorship regime putting punitive timeouts for users who enter banned search terms.

However, Google is fighting back too. The search giant has started to flash warning message on user accounts which are found to be under state sponsored cyber attacks.

According to Schmidt, the type of censorship practiced by Chinese government is hampering the push for economic modernization and information freedom. “You cannot build a modern knowledge society with that kind of behavior”, he said.

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