Noise Free Sues Apple for Violating Noise Canceling Technology Patent

July 10, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

The master of patent petitions is getting it back. Apple which has filed several patent infringement suits against its rivals like Samsung has been sued by a Silicon Valley firm, for allegedly violating its noise canceling technology.

Noise Free, a firm which specializes in improving voice quality for digital communication devices and related apps, alleged that Apple has used its noise canceling technology in Apple’s products without permission. The company has filed a patent violation suit last week in San Jose, California.

According to the company, the noise canceling technology was discussed in detail with Apple earlier when both were in discussion in 2009. Apple dropped the deal later and took another firm as its supplier. However, according to the allegation, Apple went on to use the noise canceling technology on iPad and iPhone without permission.

At present, the iPhone maker has applied for a patent for the noise canceling technology; the Noise Free is now demanding the court to consider this pending patent application from Apple as null and void.

The suit claims that the iGiant has infringed US Patent 7742790, “Environmental noise reduction and cancellation for a communications device.” The technology detects external sounds and cancels them before they are transmitted to the receiver of the device, thus reducing the issue of background noise in voice calls.

The company alleged that Apple has made use of the technology with the help of PowerPoint presentations and documentations shared during mutual discussions. According to Noise Free, even circuit boards and a prototype device was shared during the talks. Apple has not yet responded.

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