Microsoft to Launch Bing Fund Angel Investment Incubator

July 9, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Hints from multiple sources suggest that Microsoft is going to unveil an investment incubator for startups, named Bing Fund.

The first signs came from the blue chirpy bird who brought us tweets about Bing Fund. These tweets led us to a teaser site which said: “We’re working on something fun and will have more to share soon.”

While many kept speculating that the real cat will be out of the bag in mid-July, many want to gather more hints.

LinkedIn tells us that Rahul Sood, who was the general manger in Microsoft Xbox trade, has  assumed the office of the general manager of the Bing Fund. His profile in LinkedIn says that Bing Fund is  “a new program designed for entrepreneurs (and) startups in Bing.”

But a detailed tip off came from Microsoft’s own job site where the Bing Fund is being mentioned in job postings as an angel incubator for startups working on the web, desktop, mobile and gaming consoles.

From the job postings it can be gathered that the fund may help developers and entrepreneurs take their projects from concept to end-product.

The job postings also indicate that the project need not be within the iron walls of the Microsoft platforms since the Fund is looking for engineers who have experience with Microsoft’s cloud stack as well as other popular startup stacks.

We hope Microsoft will give us more clear news about the new ‘program’.

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