MeeGo to Get a New Life with Jolla Phones

July 9, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Remember MeeGo Linux, the open source smartphone platform which took birth when a netbook OS and smartphone OS merged together to start an open source smartphone platform? Many remember MeeGo with a pinch of nostalgia; it was buried into obscurity after Nokia dropped it following the release of Nokia N9 smartphone based on MeeGo platform.

However, if a Finnish company dropped the open source platform during its transition to Microsoft’s Windows Phone platform, another Finnish firm is now planning to give MeeGo a new lease of life by bringing out smartphones in this platform.

Finnish company Jolla, plans to introduce its first MeeGo Linux based smartphone by the end of this year.

The open source platform was formed when Moblin netbook OS and Maemo smartphone OS merged some years ago with major support from Nokia. But when Nokia dropped it after developing N9, MeeGo was in dire straits. The platform was as good as dead without any active development support.

The good news is that Jolla is more concerned about MeeGo since the company includes people who worked for the Nokia N9 project, even as directors of the project.

The focus, however, has been shifted to the Tizen Linux project which is a related platform with more emphasis for web-based technologies. The open source continuation of the MeeGo project is known as Mer now.

According to reports, Jolla’s phone will have elements from both MeeGo and Mer with a unique Custom UI from Jolla.

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