Lumia Phones to Hit Sprint and Verizon; May Get PureView Soon

July 9, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

We had earlier reported that the much-acclaimed PureView technology from Nokia, which enables smartphones to house high resolution cameras, is heading to other Windows Phone devices. Here’s a follow up.

Richard Kerris, Nokia Vice President of Worldwide Developer Relations has reiterated that the technology will soon come to Lumia devices, which are from Nokia’s stable but run on Windows Phone platform.

Kerris also said that Nokia is focusing on innovations to distance itself from the competition and create its niche in the market.

The Finnish phone maker is working on things like bendable screens and complete wrap around displays which helps the phone turn into any device the user wants it to be.

Efforts are being made to make Nokia gadgets more intelligent also. According to him, the company is planning to introduce features which enable the phone to hide business mails and other contents when you are spending some peaceful time at home; or when a kid picks up the device, the phone will enable child locks by detecting the small hands.

Though they sound like distant dreams, Kerris promised that the Lumia devices will hit Sprint and Verizon soon. Kerris believes that the difficulty faced by the company will be over when it launches a new set of devices in this Fall.

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