Law Makers Approve Bullet Train from LA to San Francisco

July 9, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Though high speed bullet trains are no longer a novelty in Asia and Europe, they are not a common sight in the US.

However, things may change soon with the California’s state lawmakers giving a green light to the project to run a bullet train linking Los Angeles and San Francisco.

The lawmakers have given their consent for the construction of the first phase of the line, which has been embroiled in debates for years. Many are still skeptical about the project which is estimated to cost $68 billion, at a time when California’s finances are not in a sound condition.

A trip from San Francisco to LA would take two hours and 38 minutes, and, according to California High-Speed Rail Authority, save 324 pounds of carbon dioxide emissions.

The authority claims that it will use the high speed train technology that has been proved a success in many Asian countries including Japan. The line will help US be part of the future bullet train networks.

It is estimated that by 2020, most of Europe will be inter-connected by standard gauge, electrified bullet train networks.

As per current plans, the construction of the first phase will begin by the end of the year and the service will kick off in 2018. It is estimated that 2 million to 5 million passengers will use the system by 2022.

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