The Nokia Saga: Is It The Time To Try Android?

July 7, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Many Nokia fans were disappointed when the company chose Microsoft when it decided to drop its smartphone platform Symbian.

Many wondered why Nokia turned to Microsoft, and use Windows Phone as its primary smartphone platform, not to Android.

Windows Phone was in its infancy and was not out of the initial hiccups. People at Nokia may have felt that the platform will grow eventually, which will in turn help the Finnish mobile maker gain foothold in the smartphone market.

Despite some backfiring with the initial software bugs and a faulty camera, Lumia devices were good but lacked better deployment by the partners.

Though the Nokia-Microsoft partnership has resulted in a number of good phones, like Lumia 710 on the T-Mobile network and the Lumia 900 on AT&T, Nokia still is not out of the woods.

Remember, AT&T scheduled the Lumia 900 launch on Easter Sunday when most retailer shops were closed and the phone was almost unavailable on the first day itself.

Not only that, a few months after launching Windows Phone devices, Nokia had to announce that its current devices will not be upgraded once the Windows Phone 8 update is available.

The update will be available only to new launches. The decision will again affect the performance of existing Lumia devices badly.

Choosing Windows Phone was certainly a risk, and so far, it seems like it was a pretty poor decision. We feel that Nokia should pursue a multi-pronged approach, by trying its hands at Android. We are not suggesting that Nokia should leave the Windows Phone platform completely.

But the company with its expertise and fame in bringing out excellent hardware, we think Nokia can easily make winning gadgets on Android platform. What do you think?

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