Parrot Zik Wireless Headsets Coming this August for $399; Includes Complimentary App for iOS and Android [Video]

July 6, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

We know you have been hearing lots about the Parrot Zik wireless headphones for quite some time now. The company has announced, at its Hong Kong launch event, that their NFC enabled active noise canceling headphones are up for debut.

These Bluetooth-enabled cans will be available on the markets from August, coming with a price tag of $399 (before tax).

Try the new gadget, and you will know there is perfect audio clarity, noise isolation and the hunch of its swipe gesture input.

The battery is swappable but this package comes up with an only cell, which would typically last for only five hours. So, those who need to use them for longer hours need to chip in an extra $30 for a spare one.

Theodore Sean, the product manager of Parrot Zik, has been quoted as saying that the unique and handy feature that oversees this problem. One can still use the Zik as a pair of headphones using the 2.5mm audio cable, without any juice left in the battery. The only catch is that, there wouldn’t be any noise cancellation function’s or even make phone calls.

Theodore also showed the Zik’s complementary app on iOS, whereby one can disable the noise cancellation and try out the various effects like concert hall and tinker with the equalizer.

The app can be downloaded for the iPhone and iPod touch, but the one for iPad would be up only by next week. The Android version is expected to be released just in time for the global launch.

The Parrot Zik crew said that there is no app required for the Zik’s NFC Bluetooth pairing and they assured that’s it has collaborated with Samsung to ensure compatibility.

The Zik has been tested on Nokia N9, but Parrot has no plans to release the MeeGo app for the headphones.

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