Olympus Meg4.0 Toes Google Glass Line; To Move into Production Phase Soon

July 6, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

There has been so much hype regarding the research on Google Smart Glasses and it looks like Olympus will roll out its similar product much earlier.

Named Meg4.0, this product is a wearable pair of glasses similar to the techy-spectacles used by characters in sci-fi movies.

Though no price or release dates have been announced as yet, Olympus has done an incredible job with the Meg4.0 and people are already waiting for the device’s arrival.

The stem-like system rests on one side of the glasses and connects to a tablet or phone via Bluetooth. Along with the QVGA display, the base machine has a weight of 30 grams.

A 320 x 240 virtual screen floats above the wearer’s eye line. The MEG4.0 is designed for all-day use and should last eight hours on a charge; although Olympus states that the glasses are designed for bursts of use, 15-seconds at a time.

Until Google got serious about augmented reality with Project Glass this year, it’s always been one of those imaginary Japanese concepts that didn’t seem to have a chance of succeeding in the American market. Google has made its Glass available to some developers in beta form for $1,500.

Olympus, however, has not yet revealed details on the user interface. If the MEG4.0 has to be a commercial success, the interface and more importantly, the realm of the information available needs to be as mature and user friendly as that of Google Glass.

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