Next Gen iPhone to Sport a Quad Core A6 Chip

July 6, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

The power of the smartphone processor chips is indeed going up by the day. Now almost all top-end smartphone in the market sport a quad core.

Surprisingly, Apple doesn’t have a true quad core smartphone at present. In fact, no iOS device has a true quad core chip; the A5X chip on the latest iPad is actually a dual core processor coupled with the power of a quad core GPU.

But that is going to change, indicate upstream supply chain sources in China, who are well aware of Apple’s move in the smartphone market. According to them, the iGiant will move on to a quad core processor chip in the next iPhone, making it the first of its kind iOS device.

Moreover, the quad core chip which, in all possibilities will be named A6, will be based on Samsung’s Exynos 4 architecture. However, information on the clock speed and the graphics processor technologies of the chip were not available immediately.

Exynos 4 based ARM chip will use the same ARMv7 addressing, just like Apple’s Ax technology. The earlier chips in the Exynos fabrication were based on 45nm techniques, later more efficient chips came out with the help of 32nm processes. So far, we have no clue on what type of chip will Apple be using for its next generation iPhone.

Moving to the real quad core processor world will be inevitable for Apple  since many potent rivals, like the Galaxy S III, talk loud about their quad core power.

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