Malware Infected Computers to be Knocked Off Internet on Monday

July 6, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

If your system is infected with malware, you must act quickly to check it out. If not, you will be among the tens of thousands of Americans who will lose their internet connection on Monday, says FBI.

The mass internet cut off comes after FBI cracked down a group of hackers who spread  malware across some tens of thousands of systems with the help of an international advertising scam some years ago.

When the hackers completed the campaign, they were in control of some 570,000 machines worldwide through malicious servers.

When FBI made the crackdown, the agency understood that if it switched off the servers that will cut off all the infected machines from their internet connections.

FBI then set up two clean servers to take over the malicious servers, giving some time to clean up the infected machines. Monday is the last day for these temporary servers.

According to the FBI sources, probably more than 277,000 computers are still infected worldwide. However, that is much lower than the April figures of 360,000. Among the infected computers, about 64,000 machines are in the US.

Canadian Internet Registration Agency was more effective in bringing down the number of infected machines. According to its estimates, about 25,000 machines have fallen victims to the malware initially, which it managed to bring down to a mere 7,000 now.

Google and FaceBook joined the drive to decrease the number of infected machines by flashing messages to users who were accessing these sites from infected machines.

So, if you are not sure whether you computer is infected, head to the FBI site where you can check the possible infections and methods to fix them.

But if you get cut off on Monday, contact your service provider and clean your system before getting the connection reestablished.

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