Apple Bags Patents for Making Playlists and Random Playback

July 6, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

It’s a given that Apple will tread the extra mile to protect its product and features from rivals. The company has dragged many of its rivals into the courts for alleged patent violations.

We hear that more such cases could be filed in the future, as the Cupertino-based company has recently bagged 22 patents, many of which help the company keep the features of its products intact.

Features of music based applications like creating and playing playlists, which allow the users to prioritize and randomly playback the tracks, have now been patented to the company.

Observers suggest that with the help of such patents, the company think it can keep the features of the popular iPod and iTunes system exclusive. We are not sure if these patents will come on the way of HTC, which is reportedly making a personal media player.

Apple also got patents for the feature that allows opening multiple application windows which helps users to switch from one active window to another active but hidden one. The patent may block rivals from putting features like the icon bar at the bottom which gives you a clue about the active web pages.

Apple has also patented the double diving board spring mechanism found on the MacBook Pro keyboard keys. It has also bagged protection for editor for program files and the power managing mechanism method.

Other patents include method and system of managing delivery of communications, embedded access information for DVDs which can be done without the help of DVD player software. The assembly of an iPad display was also patented in Apple’s patenting spree.

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