Amazon Rumored to Launch Smartphone to Take On iPhone

July 6, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Though the veracity of the claim is yet to be proved, grapevine indicates that more players are coming up to give tough competition to Apple and to challenge the dominance of the iPhone in the smartphone market.

The latest name added to the list is – Amazon. As you remember, the company had amazed all by making the first Android tablet to fight against iPad.

Interestingly, Amazon has chosen to partner with a firm known for its association with Apple. A person on condition of anonymity claimed that Amazon is working with Foxconn, the Chinese company known for bagging Apple’s orders to assemble iPhones and iPads.

According to other sources, the online retailer, which is now, focusing more on gadget-making, is also looking to expand its smartphone strategy by clinching patent licenses to avoid a patent war later.

Many observers believe that with its existing services and ecosystem, Amazon will be greatly benefited by the launch of a smartphone.

It will help the company make more money by selling songs, books and movies to the users of its gadgets apart from the usual sources of revenue offered by a gadget product.

Though Amazon declined to make an official comment in the issue, a CitiGroup analyst has hinted that Amazon will be rolling out a smartphone soon.

Moreover, the company’s recent moves to acquire more patents and buy more mobile assets point to its imminent entry to the smartphone market.

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