T-Mobile Set to Launch New ZTE Phone

July 5, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

In this inter-connected tech world, the most difficult thing is to keep an upcoming device’s specs a secret. People who watch out for info have the knack to smell out details even from statutory filings.

Hence, it has come as a surprise that ZTE and T-Mobile have managed to keep the specs of a new device away from the pubic gaze.

The phone had just made its visit to the FCC and all we could gather was that it carried the T-Mobile Aspect name and the model number ZTE F555.

We don’t even know if this will be a Windows phone or powered by Android. What is known, however, is that the phone will be using the 1700MHz spectrum for 3G service.

A glance at the FCC documents also showed that the device has been called a WCDMA Message Phone which sounds like a feature-packed phone.

ZTE had recently announced that it will be producing the world’s thinnest smartphone – the 6.2mm ZTE Athena. With that work in progress, this new phone raises many questions.

Will F555 compete in other segments, leaving Athena to take on other high-end phones? Will F555 come with a faster processor or have an enhanced display? We don’t have any answers yet. But we promise we will keep you posted once we get some more info.

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