Smartphones are Rarely Used in Making Calls

July 5, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

These days smartphones are so popular that many are using these devices in place of alarm clocks, calendar, diary and digital cameras. But how about using them to make calls?

According to a survey by mobile network O2, a majority of smartphone owners use their devices for surfing the internet, downloading and listening to music or playing games. Making calls was only the fifth most popular use of smartphones.

The survey showed that an average smartphone owner spends more than 2 hours a day using the device.

In that time smaprtphone owners spend 25 minutes to browse the internet, 17 minutes on social networking, 16 minutes listening to music and 14 minutes playing games.

Using the device as a phone and making calls was only the fifth most popular use for the gadget. The survey found out that smartphone owners spend just 12 minutes for making calls. This was only slightly above writing and checking emails (11 minutes) and texting (10 minutes).

The survey found out that the average call length has dropped to 50 percent since 2005, and that users are spending only about 90 seconds on the phone per call.

While the survey found that people spend just three minutes a day taking photographs, photography was the most popular thing to use a smartphone for.

About 54 percent of the respondents said that they use their smartphones as alarm clocks and nearly half of them agreed that their smartphones are now being used as their watches.

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