Michael Phelps Endorses High-tech Body Suit

July 5, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Trust World champion and Olympic gold medal swimmer Michael Phelps to go the extra mile to keep in shape for the London Olympics starting later this month. He would do anything to keep his body fully prepared, including sleeping in a high-tech compression suit from Under Armour.

The company claims that the Recharge Energy Suit is designed to help the champion swimmer’s body recover from fatigue after training.

Under Armour claims that its super tight compression body suit pushes out water the damaged muscles take in when sore, thereby leading to faster recovery.

The Recharge suit, just like other performance fabrics, wicks out the moisture and also comes with anti-odor technology.

Phelps has been endorsing Under Armour for couple of year now. In an interview Phelps said that he wears the suit after he works, after a meet and when he sleeps.

The Recharge suit for men is currently sold out, but the women’s version is still available in the market for $129.99. Though it looks more like a Spider-Man’s outfit, let’s hope the suit will help the champion get more gold medals.

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