Deutsche Telekom in Talks With Google For Mobile Payment Service Partnership

July 5, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

When it comes to adding partners to its mobile payment platform, T-Mobile knows no bounds, as its parent Deutsche Telekom has admitted that it is in talks with Google for possible partnerships.

The interesting thing is that the acknowledgement comes just hours after the company unveiled its alliance with Masercards in Europe for its mobile wallet service.

According to Thomas Kiessling, the German company’s head of innovation, cooperation with Google is theoretically possible. He also admitted that the network carrier is in talks with Google as well.

However, spokesman from the Mountain View office of the search giant which has its own mobile wallet service- Google Wallet- declined to comment.

Being the second largest phone company in Europe, Deutsche Telekom can shoot its mobile payment service to 93 million wireless customers in Europe including the customers of T-Mobile in the USA.

The mobile payment services have a bright future as the revenue from processing payments via electronic means is expected to hit $16.4 billion by 2016.

However, many players are eyeing at the opportunity which has triggered a flood of mobile payment services, many of them utilizing technologies like Near Field Communications in the new generation smartphone devices.

Sources said that Deutsche Telekom sources believes that enlisting major players as partners is crucial in the success of a mobile payment service.

Meanwhile, reports also indicate that Google is mulling over a change to its Google Wallet offering expecting to improve its adoption rate.

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