Nexus S 4G is Now Back to the AOSP Family

July 4, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

News from Android part of the globe hints that the Nexus S 4G has come back to the Android Open Source Project (AOSP) family after a lot of confusion.

Reports indicate that Google, Samsung and network carrier Sprint were able to solve the issues in redistributing the closed source radio code for the device.

In an official response, the Technical Lead of the Android Open Source Project said that the issues surrounding the device has been resolved and that the project will now be able to distribute the CDMA and WiMAX binaries of the device properly. That simply means Nexus S 4G is back to the AOSP family.

It was in last February that Android Open Source Project dropped the support for CDMA devices. The issue was related to the way in which binaries for proprietary radio code was signed.

Since the binaries were signed by a private key for CDMA devices which is different from the standard platform key used in projects built from Android Open Source Project, there was an issue of conflict.

The issue was severe for developers as well as users of these devices since it caused the official support for these devices to be dropped all of a sudden.

However, now it looks like the issue has been resolved amicably and Google may be now able to distribute binaries with the correct key.

In fact the official response also informed that the set of IMM76L binaries for Nexus S 4G has been updated to include WiMAX support and can be downloaded now.

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