Google Pulls Down Galaxy Nexus From Play Store Following Sales Ban

July 4, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Looks like the patent bomb dropped by Apple is so dangerous that it has caused collateral damages to Google, not to mention the targeted Samsung.

The search god has pulled down the Galaxy Nexus offer from its Google Play Store following the injunction order issued by the District Court Judge hearing the patent dispute between Apple and Samsung.

The unlocked version of the phone was available through Google Play Store for $349. After the court verdict, the status of the page has been changed to ‘coming soon’ with no possible date of future sales.

According to reports, Google has pulled down the phone from its official website hours after District Court Judge Lucy Koh refused to stay the decision to put a ban on the sales of the device, which is embroiled in alleged patent infringement.

Though the Galaxy Nexus is designed by Google, it is manufactured by Samsung, as the search giant has never tried its hands on bringing out high grade hardware for devices like smartphones.

According to the patent suit filed by Apple, Galaxy Nexus violated four of Apple’s patents and got a favorable sales ban injunction from the court. Samsung has appealed against decision, which is pending before the court.

According to sources close to Google, the company is mulling over issuing a software update that will solve the issue of patent infringement and will help resuming the sale of the device.

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