Mozilla Firefox OS for Smartphones to Come Out in 2013

July 3, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Mozilla is coming to smartphone screens. Not as a browser, but a browser which will work as an OS. Amazed? Though there were rumors about such a project, codenamed Boot2Gecko, Mozilla, which makes the popular Firefox browser, chose not to comment. Now it has officially admitted that the smartphone OS will launch in 2013.

The OS will be open source, as is the usual style of Mozilla, and will be called Firefox OS. It will be launched first in Brazil next year.

As the name suggests, the OS will be almost like a full-fledged HTML 5 browser. (Something similar to Chrome OS running ChromeBook laptops.)

That the browser maker has gone beyond creating a working protocol and is serious about the smartphone OS project can be gauged from the fact that it has signed up smartphone makers like ZTE and TCL as initial partners.

The OS, according to Mozilla, will be completely based on HTML 5 standards. Don’t think that all the apps and features of the OS will look just like a rich web page.

Most of the popular apps used by public these days are created by the powerful toolset provided by HTML 5 standards. Moreover, having HTML 5 as its soul makes this OS open and accessible than, even, Android.

However, Mozilla’s decision to partner with ZTE and TCL could indicate that the Firefox OS  may not be as full featured as iOS or Windows Phone or Android. Probably, it will be a hit in the emerging low-cost smartphone market, but is less likely to make it to the top-end devices, at least for now.

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