Toastie Knife to Help You Master the Art of Spreading Butter on Toast [Video]

July 2, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

You might be adept in handling many high-end gadgets. But can you spread butter evenly onto your morning toast? (For a start, do you know 41.8C is the perfect temperature to melt butter?)

Now, Warburtons tells us that what you need is a knife powered by two AA batteries, and an understanding of the numbers involved.

The knife is called Toastie Knife. And the company behind this concept says that it has heating elements positioned at the tip of the blade for optimum spreading.

Here’s how it works. You press a button on the handle of the knife and the blade will be heated to 41.8C. Scoop some butter, and thirty seconds later you can evenly spread the butter onto your toast.

Start from the middle of your toast and head towards the edges while keeping the knife at an angle of 24.5 degrees.

There’s no word on when this prototype will be ready for the market or how much it will cost. Watch this space for more precise updates,.

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