Samsung Omnia W Gets Tango Update

July 2, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Windows Phone Tango is making its way to more phones. Earlier, reports had suggested that the new update of the smartphone platform from Microsoft has hit Venue Pro from Dell. It’s been now reported that the Tango update for another popular Windows Phone device is currently available.

That lucky device is Samsung Omnia W. Reports suggest that users from India were able to download the Tango update for this phone and feel the change of the Windows Phone7.5 Refresh update on their Samsung Omnia W.

So if you use a Samsung Omnia Windows Phone, stop waiting. Of course, you will have to connect your phone with a PC to download the update and flash your device with it.

The Tango update, though not an overhaul update, brings many interesting features to Windows Phone devices like the power to include media files in MMS messages and better contact management.

According to official claims, Windows Phone Tango can enable exporting and importing contacts to and from the phone or SIM card. It brings certain additional performance improvements and more language support too.

To some devices which do not carry internet sharing features, Windows Phone Tango promises tension free tethering sessions.

However, there are unconfirmed reports that the update does not offer the internet sharing feature on Samsun Omnia W. But we are yet to test it.

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