Nike+ FuelBand ICE Introduces the Transparent Way to Fitness

July 2, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

FuelBand from Nike has already become a trend among athletes. But if you want to stand out in the crowd, you can opt for the new Nike+ FuelBand ICE, which is the transparent version of the original FuelBand.

As in the original, the transparent FuelBand has the three axis accelerometer. The multi-coloured LEDs help users keep an eye on their movements and fitness goals.

However, the major difference from the original is that the black rubbery portion on the original FuelBand has been replaced by a transparent covering making it easier for users to see the electronics which keep a digital eye on the fitness record.

On the Nike+ FuelBand, the tracking is based on Nike+ Fuel points, not just steps or calories. The Nike+ Fuel score, according to the company, is the result of long research which helps the system recognise the user’s movements and score him based on the movements.

The research database enables the ring to correspond specific movements to specific activities and their effects on the fitness record.

Once you reach your goal, the first celebration can be seen on the band itself with the rainbow colours. Moreover, Nike’s socially enabled tracking site which can sync the data on the FuelBand helps share your success on Facebook instantly.

The new band will hit Nike Town locations inNew York, San Francisco and London and a set of other select locations on July 27. The band will be available from Nike online store after August 12.

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