Is Surface a Worthy iPad Rival?

July 2, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Microsoft dropped a bomb on an unsuspecting tech world when it quietly launched its Surface tablets. There were no overworking rumor mills, no extremely photoshoped teasers or the selective leaks. Nothing. It was a shock.

The after-effects were immense. Microsoft’s hardware partners who had already submitted their own tablet designs were shocked and angry, naturally.

But, what about Apple? Did it feel the shock waves? Or, probably a more pertinent question would be, does it need to?

Our frank opinion is that Apple need not fear about Surface. iPad obviously is the king, and a wannabe will have to prove many to reach the top spot.

But is Surface tablet capable of doing that? Microsoft released its own hardware not because it wanted to beat Apple in its game, but because it was forced to come out with a tablet that would make most of the new platform. There seriously was no compelling design for the new platform.

Even then some do believe that Surface may dent iPad penetration in large organizations. But, it is highly unlikely to happen so in the common market.

The usability and productivity powers of the Surface are cute, especially with the physical keyboard, but how many of you use a tablet for such purposes, apart from watching movies and playing games.

Moreover, the excellent content ecosystem and the excessive support from app developers are features that Surface tablet can’t claim at this point. Hence we think Surface is not going to be a threat for Apple in the tablet market. What do you think?

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