Canon Mixed Reality System to Fuse Virtual and Real World

July 2, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

We bet you have heard about Virtual Reality. Have you heard about Mixed Reality? Canon is betting big on this futuristic technology, and come mid-July, it will launch its Mixed Reality system.

The system puts users in an interactive environment with the help of a head mounted display just like the one you use to get the Virtual Reality experience. But here the interactive atmosphere is sort of mixed in nature since you will find both physical and virtual objects.

The system works with the help of the head mounted display and a special software which function for position alignment.

The high precision, high speed image processing of the system produces synthesized images which can be viewed in real time and exactly the same size as they will be seen by the naked eye.

The system is expected to be a hit in the industrial design sector especially for automobile designing. With just a real seat and the CAD data of a yet to be designed car fed to the system, the whole car can be experienced through the display making it easier to do evaluations without going through mock-ups as is done now.

The stereo cam on the display has its optical axes aligned to the incident light on the pupil, giving a natural viewing experience. The free-curve prism used as the lens offers high magnification to give the natural feel.

Canon will first specially design it separately to suit the needs of each individual. However, an SDK will also be issued. So expect this as the next trend setter in gaming industry.

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