Coming: 5G Wi-Fi Networks Offering Multiple Video Streams at 1.3 Gbps

June 30, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Just like the hope for devices with faster processors and better displays, the crave for better data transfer speeds and strong connectivity never ends.

With the cloud-based wireless culture of entertainment taking a strong hold over the tech savvy society, the present strength and power of the wireless networks often fail to meet the needs.

However, a new protocol which is still under the draft status and known as 802.11ac may help quench this craze for improved speeds on wireless data transfer. According to certain estimates, the 802.11 ac, which works on the broader, less-used 5 GHz spectrum, is capable of offering up to 1.3 Gbps of data transfer speeds.

It is more power-efficient and offers a more reliable network solution. Broadcom is the early bird to put this capability into a wireless chip which according to them provides the 5G Wi-Fi network for home use.

However, it won’t improve the speed with which you connect with the internet but will enable better and faster sharing of high quality content across compatible devices, including simultaneous video streams to different devices. So while you watch an HD movie from your DVR on living room TV, kids may watch HD clips on their slate on the bedroom TV.

As per Cisco estimates, by 2015, 1 million minutes of video content will move through networks every second while the mobile data traffic will jump 26 times of what it was in 2010. So 802.11 ac will be a stepping stone to that era.

Many gadget makers have already jumped onto the 5G Wi-Fi bandwagon and soon you will see a flood of compatible devices.

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