Blink to Click a Picture with the Iris Concept Camera

June 30, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

There was a time when we had to watch Bond movies to see awesome gizmos. Now, technology is giving life to most, if not all, of our hitherto maverick dreams. How many of you wanted to have a camera that takes a picture when you blink? Well, your dream is being developed into a reality even as you read this.

This cool camera concept, called Iris, aims to use eye-tracking technology and biometric detection to make photography possible with the blink of an eye. All the camera controls can be managed through eye-tracking.

You just need to squint slightly to make the camera zoom in and open your eyes to make it zoom out. And hold your gaze and blink twice to activate the shutter.

Mimi Zou, a 24-year-old American and recent graduate in Innovation Design Engineering from the Royal College of Art,London, who is the brain behind the concept, says that the idea behind Iris is a belief that “products should be more intelligent and they should have the ability to also adapt to us”.

Instead of looking straight through the lens the viewer will actually be looking at a digital display that is mounted on one end, which in turn will create a backing where the camera’s shutter and the sensor are located.

Unlike any conventional camera, Iris is capable of developing a relationship with its user over time. When a user picks up the camera, it scans his iris and immediately determines his identity as long as he’s registered his biometric data in the camera’s software. For instance, the diopter sets itself if the user is near-sighted.

Another proposed feature is biometric recognition to identify the subjects in the pictures. The camera also has built in WiFi capabilities. Using this will help it identify its subjects and tell it whether they want their photos to be sent to a particular location like a cloud or Facebook.

Main hurdles the concept faces now are refining the prototype and locating funding for manufacturing. Zou says she might turn to Kickstarter campaign to get the product out into the world.

Let’s hope the camera comes our way real soon.

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