Linksys EA6500 is a Swiss Army Knife in the Wi-Fi Router Arena

June 28, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

We have been looking for a Swiss Army Knife in the router market. No, we are not kidding!  Whenever we got a router, we always felt the need to look for some other model or accessory since nothing has given an all-out solution.

Finally, we have found a Swiss Army knife in the router world with Linksys Smart Wi-Fi router EA6500 offering a bunch of options you need when you play with networks.

With the help of the 802.11 ac wireless technology it can offer blinding speed that is three times the speed of the previous fastest wireless router.

Moreover, the high powered amplifiers offer strong signals when coupled with its high operation frequency. It boasts of Speedboost technology for higher signal integrity than its market rivals.

The structure of the internal antenna array helps users to put it in a number of orientations including mounting on the wall. The WAP2 encryption of the network makes it impenetrable for others while the built – in SPI firewall – keeps you safe from internet threats.

The DLNA certified Media Server in the EA 6500 Smart router enables users to give a higher priority for HD videos by improving the video viewing experiences. The four 1 Gbps hard-wired switched ports offer a good base to strengthen a local network.

It also offers two USB ports for printer sharing. With firmware or software updates, it is easy to use them for USB storage devices too. The free Cisco Connect Cloud service, the SimpleTap tech to add NFC- enabled devices and the support for IPv6 etc are the other notable features. Pre-order price is below $220 for this router which starts shipping in August.

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