Online Research and Social Media key to consumer choice of company and products

June 27, 2012, By Alex Ion

The technological revolution that is quickly changing the way we interact and communicate also brings with it new challenges for businesses worldwide and with changing times, there is an absolute need to change the way companies manage their PR and Customer Relationship Management (CRM). And the most recent surveys have revealed that having an online presence, and a strong one at that both helps increase brand value and product sales.

Online PR has become a crucial aspect of managing a companies face and how well one does it can significantly influence consumer purchase choices and with it the well being of a firm.

The modern consumer is an aware, pro-active and busy individual who hates to be kept in the dark. Surveys have shown that over 70 percent of the people avoid buying a product altogether if they are not confident of the company that stands behind it.

A clear indicator that ‘brand significance’ is essential to ensure product sales and the best way to achieve this in the tech savvy world is to take to the online and social media.

And since the image of the company is crucial in determining the choices of the consumer, it is essential for PR firms to know what makes or breaks that image. A good start is plain and simple ‘gossip’. If you have accumulated a bad brand image or are a victim of negative PR, then your first priority is to alter that as quickly s possible. While 80 percent of the people are affected by popular opinion and gossip, a greater number also go ahead and do ‘online research’ before buying a product.

Having a strong online presence and interacting with customers directly on social media broadens your potential market significantly. News sources, popular blogs and websites now shape consumer purchase decisions in a major fashion and having the right Social CRM or online PR, is simply a must.

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