Microsoft Provides Details of Windows 8 Photos App

June 27, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Day by day, we are moving closer to Windows 8 coming out in its fill glory. To make the move smoother, Microsoft is sharing details on some of the features of the upcoming platform regularly.

The latest one is about the Photos app on Windows 8 platform. According to the latest post on the official Building Windows 8 blog, the Photos app will be the most efficient way to manage, archive and share your photos.

Those who have tried the Consumer Preview or the later Release Preview of Windows 8 can just grab a trial version of the app to go through the visual experience of this excellent app.

The four columns Metro UI can access your locally saved photos, plus those from Facebook, Flickr and from the cloud storage service Sky Drive.

Moreover, Microsoft now allows users with the Release Preview to archive all their clips automatically to the cloud through the SkyDrive desktop app. So, you can make sure that the Photos app can grab the pictures on any Windows 8 device once you sign in with your Microsoft account.

The share option on the Charm bar of the Windows 8 when coupled with the features of the Photos app makes it a child’s play to share photos. You can either send them as attachment or as the SkyDrive link.

For a very detailed introduction of the app which is going to hit high popularity levels once the Windows 8 comes out, go through the official blog post now.

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