Android Jelly Bean Reaches Google Campus Ahead of its Official Launch

June 27, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

It’s that time of the year when Android fans get over excited as Google nears the launch of the new version of their favorite smartphone platform. Google is expected to unveil the new version of the Android platform at the Google I/O event in a few hours’ time.

Giving the inevitable signs of the upcoming platform, Jelly Bean has already struck the Google campus, well ahead the official unveiling ceremony, just like its predecessors.

Google has been in the habit of naming its smartphone platform versions based on desserts or sweet treats. Whenever it unveils a new platform update, the Android logo symbolizing the dessert will take its place in the Google campus.

This time the Android 4.1 update is codenamed Jelly Bean which is a confectionery with hard bean shaped candy shell and sweet interior coming in a variety of colors and flavors.

So to make Jelly Bean more concrete, the new statue has reached the Google campus to stand beside its immediate predecessor Ice Cream Sandwich.

Erecting the statue has added to the anxiety of the Android fans about how sweet the new Jelly Bean will be. Since the latest leak from Google Play Store unofficially confirming that the new version is just Android 4.1, not Android 5.0 as many speculated, we don’t expect monumental changes in Jelly Bean.

However, there are rumors that the new platform will make Google Chrome the default browser on Android. We expect a couple of security fixes also. Let’s wait for the real story to come out from the horse’s mouth.

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