Surface Tablets to Slow Down iPad Penetration in Large Companies

June 26, 2012, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

A recent analysis from Deutsche Bank shows that the introduction of the Surface tablets will slow down the adoption rate of the iPad in corporate establishments.

According to the analysis, the existing base of Windows customers in the corporate world will help leverage the chances of the newly launched Surface Windows 8 tablets to compete with iPads as substitutes for corporate laptops.

The Windows Pro Surface tablet especially will be a more befitting corporate laptop substitute, observes the analysis.

The new device will give more weight to Microsoft due to the backward compatibility of the OS and the full Office support which helps in consistent file management.

According to the analysis, the offering leverages the existing installed base and offers better security than Apple offerings in the back drop of the recent malware attacks on iOS platform machines.

However, with the Pro Surface slate costing more than $900, this is easier said than done. Moreover, iPad commands better power life and support from third party apps.

The analysis also mentions that the cheaper Windows RT Surface tablet has lesser chance in the fight against iPad. The absence of backward compatibility with PCs and the vast third party support enjoyed by iPad make the fight difficult for Windows RT Surface slate.

The uncertainty over the support for Microsoft Office Enterprise version also makes its chances low against iPad. According to analysts, Windows RT tablet may cost close to $500.

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